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28 October 2014 - ETA Signed a project agreement PDF Print E-mail

Ethiopian Teachers Association, (ETA) is the oldest professional association representing teachers and education personnel in Ethiopia, was established in 1949 and it has now more than 400,000 members recruited from pre-primary to university. ETA is member of Education International (EI) who is in turn member of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). The main purpose of establishment of ETA is to defend teachers’ rights and discharge responsibilities towards improving access to quality education for all citizens. Accordingly, it has been working with national and international organizations. To effect its roles and responsibilities, ETA has been implementing different projects. Hence Ethiopian Teachers Association has signed a project agreement titled ‘Safe Schools for Girls’. Since gender based violence and gender equity are some of the major barriers for the low retention and high drop-out of adolescent girls, the project is intended to create conducive school environment that will allow girls to freely pursue their education without worrying about their safety in their own schools. 32 secondary schools selected based on clearly set criteria from nine regions were included in the project. The project has a duration of two years to complete and is supported by Sewden Embassy through Initiative Africa, a local NGO working in Ethiopia. ETA would like to thank our supporters very much with out which implementation of the project would be impossible.

10 November 2011 PDF Print E-mail

The government of Ethiopia has placed a great emphasis on the importance of science education as an essential component for development needs of the society. The country has recognized that the development of the country very much depends on the development of science and technology, and hence on science and mathematics education. Due to this reason, government has recently designed a program through which 70% of the university enrollment would be in science and technology. This scenario has created a unique and challenging situation where by science and mathematics education is put to the spotlight. On the other hand science and mathematics education face numerous challenges that call for immediate improvements because mathematics and science education should be geared towards producing students with the necessary background that would enable them to pursue technical vocational training and /or university education in the country or abroad.

5 September, 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Ethiopian Teachers Association, in collaboration with Initiative Africa/SIDA is working on project "Responses to violence in everyday life to Advance Democratic Society.
The overall objective of the project is identifying responses to violations of human dignity such as social exclusion, violence, intolerance and discrimination and empower young people to develop activities which address the problems and activate decision makers towards school disciplines.
Activities include: - Conducting Focus Group Study and Data Gathering
- Reducing interpersonal Violence in schools and
- Conducting Talk show program
The project is planned to be completed at the end of December 2009.
The project is intended to improve quality of education by minimizing the existing problems such as missing class attendance, harassment of teachers and female students, cheating exams and associated school violence.
20th Feb. 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Ethiopian Teachers Association has prepared and submitted a project proposal to House of Federation of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
The title of the project is “Training Teachers on Constitution and Professional Code of Ethics”.

Four regions were selected to give training for Civic and Ethical Education Teachers in four training centers.

Accordingly training is planned to be given in May 2009 in southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples region in Dila town, Oromia region in Nekemte town, Afar region in Awash Arba town and Amhara region in Debre Birhan town.
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Ethiopia is rich in history and diversity of human and natural resources, yet it faces different challenges. To change this situation and ensure the rich resources translate into a decent and comfortable livelihood for the people, strengthening the human understanding focusing on citizens' sense of ownership, participation in democratic processes, poverty reduction in election and other aspects is paramount.
In view of those issues, Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) has three projects under way.

ETA has a contract agreement with EU to Promote civic education to citizens in Ethiopia in some selected woredas
Its objectives include:-

To motivate citizens' participation in the ongoing work of building democracy and human rights,
To increase the involvement of citizens in the local election process by organizing over 1104 events on which more than 56,000 People are expected to participate in issues of election, democratic principles and processes, and citizens' duties and responsibilities.
To support 200 Youth and women candidates in Adama, Awassa, Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar to conduct election campaign techniques.
To implement the action, ETA deploys one central and nine regional coordinators and 184 civic educators who will be trained on how to implement and achieve the project objectives.
To make the implementation effective ETA produces and disseminates information on a variety of media such as TV/radio clips, posters, brochures, billboards.

Ethiopian Teachers Association has a project in partnership with Initiative Africa, (IA) a local NGO, which has got fund form European Commission which aimed at improving students' council's leadership effectiveness by carrying out different activities.
To achieve these and other pillar objectives consultancy meeting, national workshop and student leadership training for 600 students council leaders will be conducted at Bahir Dar, Mekele, Awassa, Addis Ababa and Adama with the help of regional facilitators- technical assistants.
For this purpose different manuals which help strengthen the work of student councils in playing their roles and responsibilities in their respective schools will be published and distributed.

3. Furthermore Ethiopian Teachers Association has made a project agreement with local NGO called CVEA- to which ETA itself is a member- to conduct civic education to School community in Ethiopia in selected senior secondary schools.
CVEA (Civic and Voter Education Association) obtained fund for the project from Sweden and Norwegian Governments. The project is envisaged to reach 298080 people.
The main objective of this project is to improve school community's participations in building democracy and human rights process and to make aware the students of democratic principles right at their school age.

For the implementation of the project 179 Civic and Ethical Education teachers will take TOT and 10 coordinators will be employed to help the civic educators in implementing the program.

ETA has on going project entitled 'Reinvigorating Civic Mission in Schools'. The general objective of the project is to create avenues & structures, for citizen' participation, building cohesion and solidarity for progressive development out come.
Agreement of the project was signed on 10 October 2005, with Initiative Africa financed by SIDA. It is aimed at improving the communication and interaction between students and teachers by strengthening student councils and parents in accordance with the existing school procedures.
The project helps to make the students aware of their rights and duties as well as helps to create conducive condition for the teaching and learning process by bringing up the school community together.