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History reveals that Ethiopian teachers have made a number of trials to improve themselves and to get themselves to the position of today after the country transformed the education system from traditional to modern one.
The roots for ETA was laid in February 1949 which was self initiative meeting conducted by not more than 32 teachers at Minilik Senior Secondary School in Addis Ababa, Capital of Ethiopia. At that time, the name of the association was "Teachers' Union" and had mainly focused on strengthening friendship among teachers by organizing sport competition events, organizing training and up-grading opportunities to less qualified teachers. The association was recognized nation wide and come to be known as Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) as of 1965. ETA was officially registered by Ministry of Inland Affairs in 1969.
The year 1991 marked the dawn fall of the Dergue military government. The victory of peoples of Ethiopia came to reality and the movements of teachers throughout was consolidated with the establishment of ETA coordinating committee on July 6,1992. However, this committee couldn't meet its goal and mean while, a provisional coordinating committee was reestablished in February 1993 after movement to strengthen the association were made. The committee was entrusted with the responsibility of pursuing democratic and peaceful means of struggle for the ultimate goal of forwarding the demands of the teachers to the concerned government bodies, facilitating for establishment of the association on strong basis and rendering the necessary respect for the profession. Later, the meeting of representatives of Regional Teachers' Associations was conducted in Addis Ababa from 22-23 June 1993 when ETA was reorganized on the basis of Federal structure.
ETA units all teachers and other education workers from pre-primary education up to university level all together with more than 350,000 members organized from Federal (national) level to individual school level with in 9 Regions and two city administrations (Addis Ababa & Dire Dawa).
As a Teachers’ organization representing education workers county wide, Ethiopian Teachers Association unifies all teachers and education personnel in Ethiopia