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Why Join ETA?
ETA, established in 1949, is the oldest and biggest professional associations representing teachers and education personnel in Ethiopia.
Its main objectives are:
ensure the rights, benefits and social welfare of its members
Contribute its share in the efforts geared to back up the education sector
Work towards promoting democracy and development of the nation
Work in collaboration with national and International relevant organizations who have common objectives.
The world of tomorrow depends on how effectively and efficiently the teachers and education personnel of today work with students. In order to make positive change in the lives of nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia, let's work together.
Teachers, Education personnel and honorary members; let's come together to make a difference!
Employees in the profession, to be more competent and efficient in your work, you need to develop your professional skills continuously. For this purpose, join ETA.
Teachers! join in hands to defend your rights and benefits and for the development of our country as a whole.
Dues & Application Fees
The member shall pay 4(four) Ethiopian birr as membership fee every month deducted from monthly salary payment.
Regions may decide additional contribution with the approval of Regional Council or Assembly to strengthen their financial capacity
Each member association shall contribute 10% of its membership contribution to central office. The central office is office of ETA at headquarters in Addis Ababa.

Categories of Members

Active Member
Active member shall mean one that is involved in teaching activities from kindergarten up to university level.
Associate member
Associate member shall mean a member who works as an administrative worker after being transferred from teaching profession, a teacher or professional who is working on temporary bases as a result of popular election without abandoning the teaching profession, education professional who used to be a member or associate member and one that used to be a teacher but who has been transferred to other offices and who would like to continue to be a member.
Honorary member
Honorary member shall refer to individuals or organizations that would like to make material or financial contribution for reasons of having positive out look to the Association/ profession.