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13 September 2017

Education International (EI) is a global teacher union federation representing over 32 million teachers and education personnel worldwide. EI has regional offices in different continents and Africa region is one of them, its office of which is based in Ghana, Accra.

Africa has six zones and each one of the zones was represented by one male and one other female elected to the Committee. Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) which is the 2nd in voting power in Africa next to Nigeria was elected to the committee representing zone V, Eastern Africa.

The committee has made its annual meeting in Addis Ababa from 11-12 September 2017. EIARC has discussed on Zonal reports, Regional activity report 2016 – 2017 including financial report, the 2017 action plan, fragmentation of Teachers’ Organizations in Africa as a challenge to unity and preparation for the 9th Africa Region conference, among others.

The committee has also discussed on the role teacher organizations must play in standing together in solidarity.

Quality Education was also at the center of the discussion, up on which the Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education and Continental Education Strategy (CESA) 16-25 of Africa was discussed and hence the need to closely connect to the African union was underlined in an attempt to bring the strategy on the ground in each member states.

ETA has arranged few hours of tour to the African Union (AU) compound which enabled members aware of the historical background on the establishment AU.

Members appreciated the visit as some were new to AU and to Addis Ababa, head quarters of the African union.