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10 March 2017

Ethiopia’s move to make education accessible to citizens is well recognized while the quality of education being provided is under question mark at all levels: pre-primary up to university.

Teachers shoulder the lions share in providing quality education. Providing quality education requires qualified and motivated teachers.

Although salary is not a motivating factor; and rather reduces dissatisfaction form Motivation Theory point of view, it is a valuable indicator of status. Consequently, there has been an attempt to gradually increase salary of teachers during the last two decades. It has been that teachers’ salary was better earlier by one grade, then by two grades in the meantime and now by three grades as compared to some groups of civil servants. When the salary scale of teachers was increased form level seven to nine in July 2016 through participation of ETA representatives just from drafting the scale, ETA and its members were satisfied since the base salary of teachers was made by ten grades more compared to other civil service employees. In so doing the salary of teachers were adjusted nearly the same as those of health professionals. This being as it is, there was an increase of salary for workers of the civil servants effective from January 2017 which was labeled as “increase of scale” excluding teachers. 

Awareness creation session was organized in Addis Ababa on the 9th of March 2017 by Ministry of Education in the presence of Minister of Education, Minister of public service and Human Resource Development, Regional Education Bureau heads, and ETA regional branch representatives. Teachers’ Association representatives from headquarters and the branch offices unanimously argued against the exclusion of teachers from the increment.

Although increase of career ladder of teachers from seven to nine is welcomed, which is also equal to the level of other civil servants, Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) is disappointed and deeply concerned since teachers were excluded from the so called increase in scale made in January 2017.

Hence while we closely follow up on provision of housing, which better serves in creating favorable working condition for teachers than salary, ETA calls up on its members to back up the push the Association makes to become in good terms with the government on the matter so as to increase the salary of teachers to comparable professionals, notably health profession. ETA also calls up on the concerned authorities to pay attention to the salary issue teachers and their organization are requesting if quality of education to come.