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ETA Succeeded in increasing career ladder and in provision of housing for teachers PDF Print E-mail

26 July 2016

Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) has been requesting for improvement of salary scale and career ladder as well as for provision of housing for teachers since seven years. After so many discussions and negotiations on those issues with concerned authorities notably, the Prime Minister and Minister of Education of the Federal Democratic of Ethiopia, the government has decided to increase salary scale of teachers from pre-primary up to higher education academic staff. The improvement is not only an increase in salary scale but resulted in increasing the career ladder of general education teachers from seven to nine which makes their level equal to that of the other civil servants. 

ETA’s request for increase in career ladder and provision of housing was launched officially in 2009 on the occasion of 60th founding anniversary of the Ethiopian Teachers Association in the presence of the late Prime Minister, HE Meles Zenawi, during which promise was made by His Excellence to solve the problem [Read more on the news released on 1st March 2009 up loaded on this ETA website].Since then discussions and negotiations have been under way. ETA leadership has continued to press on the issues. The year 2015/2016 (2008 Ethiopian calander) was a turning point. Committee was established by the order of Prime Minister of Ethiopia, HE Ato Hailemariam Dessalegn. Accordingly three sub-committees: on ICT, on salary scale improvement and on housing scheme were established in which ETA leadership was represented by two members.

Thanks to the support of its members backing the request, we have now succeeded in getting positive response. The salary scale and career ladder improvement was released from Ministry of Education on the 25th of July 2016. The finalized document for housing scheme was sent to regional states so as to be endorsed by the cabinets since it is regional matter owing to federalism.

We would therefore like to thank the government for accepting our requests and come up with historic and big decision we have never had in the history of ETA’s establishment. However, this big decision is not without accountability. Therefore we urge our members and teachers to double their effort in improving quality of education, which is priority agenda in the education sector for the country.

To the ETA leadership from headquarters down to branch offices to school level, let’s celebrate our united effort and continue working hard in strengthening our organization and contribute our level best in improving quality of education.