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26 May 2016

Hearing Our Stories (HOS) is the first step of Gender at Work’s Gender Action Learning, a cyclical process that enables regular institutional reflection, learning and collective action on gender. This workshop aimed to engage participants in a reflective process on their union’s journey in order to help them understand the broader context in which they are working, to inform their change/ action experiment towards addressing School Related Gender Based Violence. It was expected that at the end of the workshop, the union would identify a ‘change team’ responsible for carrying out the project forward, translating all the project learning into effective and scalable experiments.


The workshop was organized as part of the bigger project to which seven teachers’ organizations in the Africa region are part of. The title of the project is termed “Education Unions Take Action to Stop School-Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV)”. This Action to stop SRGBV is supported by the government of Canada through joint activity of UNGEI (United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative) and EI (Education International) facilitated by Gender at work.

Evidence indicates that School Related Gender-Based Violence is affecting millions of children and youth world wide. ETA has also conducted a survey study currently on the same topic and violence against girls in our school systems is visibly reported. ETA is therefore committed for the success of the project since it augments the effort it has already started.

We would like to thank all the stakeholders involved in this project including the Canadian government for willing to support financially.