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20 February 2015

Sub- Saharan Africa Regional Ministerial Conference on education beyond 2015 was held from 9 – 11 February 2015 in Kigali, Rwanda.

Participants of the Conference were 43 Ministers leading education in the member states in Africa. Assistant Director General of UNESCO, Dr. Tian Tang and other very important officials including Julie Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia and chair of Global partnership for Education (GPE) and Dr. Martial De –Paul Rkoungi, Commissioner of Human Resource, Science and Technology of the African Union were present.

The conference has discussed on pertinent issues of education beyond 2015 both in plenary and in breakout sessions. 

Thematic areas upon which discussion and debate was made were basic education for All; Teachers and teaching; quality of education and learning out comes for all; science and technology, TVET, tertiary and higher education; Education for sustainable Development and Global citizenship; youth and adult literacy, skills and competencies for life and work in a lifelong learning perspectives; Education in crisis situations; and Gender Equity in Education.

Preparation of post-2015 education agenda which has been started in 2012 has now came up with an overarching goal of the post -2015 education agenda and 7 targets.

The key concern in the discussion was on the quality of education at all levels (pre-primary up to university). The teacher targets and financing were among the key issues up on which teachers unions were contributing for consideration in the upcoming education agenda.

ETA appreciates Education International, our global Union Teachers Federation, for its strategic preparation and arrangement to push interests of teachers and students. Advocacy and negotiation will continue on both at national and global level to include our views in the education agenda beyond 2015 before its adoption by the UN General Assembly next September 2015 in New York.

Hence, ETA will continue advocating and lobbying for Ethiopian government support the Muscat agreement adopted in May 2014 in Oman with some modifications based on the recommendation of the sub-Saharan Africa ministerial conference.   .