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10 February 2015

The 8th Education International Africa Regional Conference was held in Kenya, Nairobi from 2-6 February 2015 with a theme; Achieving Quality Education in Africa: prospects and challenges beyond 2015.

The opening ceremony of the conference was made in Kenyatta International conference center, in Tsevo hole.

The conference was honored by the presence of his excellence Uhuru Keayatta, president of the Republic of Kenya. The President highlighted that he was encouraged by the theme of the conference. In his words “the theme of the conference is encouraging since the issue of Quality is key for human capital development”. He added that Quality of education speaks to quality of the population and governance.

The other key speaker was General Secretary of Education International, Mr. Fred Van Leuven. He mentioned in his intervention that Africa is challenged by manmade and natural disaster. One issue worth mentioning, according to him was the Ebola case, the reason of which the Conference was delayed for four months. Other important personalities who addressed the conference include Cabinet Minister of Education of the Republic of Kenya and Governor of Nairobi City.

The Conference has debated on various issues of education, challenges of teacher union fragmentation and advocacy work for education beyond 2015 agenda.

Accordingly, thematic Group discussions were conducted on early childhood Education, diversity and inclusion in quality education, Higher education and Research network, organizing and uniting for Quality public Education in Africa for post-2015 and strengthening and consolidating Teachers Trade Union Unity among others.

Participants were drawn from African Teachers’ Unions affiliated to EI with eligible delegate of 392.   In view of its number of membership, ETA holds the second larges voting power after Nigeria.

One of the objectives of the conference was to conduct election of committee members, deputy chair and chair who facilitate and support proper functioning of teachers unions in Africa.  Accordingly president of Ethiopian Teachers Association, Mr. Yohannes Benti, was elected as a member of Education International Africa Region committee.

Ethiopian Teachers Association was delegated to the conference by seven.

ETA would like to extend its appreciation for their hospitality to the people of Nairobi City and Kenyan National Union of teachers (KNUT) and to the staff of EI Africa Regional Office secretariat based in Accra, Ghana.