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23 July 2014

Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA), invited and supported by its international affiliate Educational International (EI), has participated in the EFA Regional workshop organized in Accra, Ghana from 16-18 July 2014.

The workshop was titled “Effective Advocacy: Mobilizing for the Education we want”. In the workshop Education International affiliates from more than ninteen African countries were participated.

During the workshop, country presentations regarding achievements, challenges and priorities were made. Besides governments’ commitment to EFA including education investment, governance and management were evaluated.

In the workshop presentation was made to highlight the “Unite for Education Campaign” launched by EI, during which national teachers’ organizations were requested to talk out their future plan of action.

The workshop was very important in that attempts unions have been making for the success of the MDGs for education were evaluated. It was a good learning experience and attempts were made to forward the interests of the teaching community in post 2015 ajenda for the kind of education we want.