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The 24th Education and Training Congress held in Hawasa. PDF Print E-mail

12 October 2014

The Ethiopian Education and Training Congress convenes every year to evaluate the successes and the challenges faced in the implementation of the Education and Training policy.

The Congress not only evaluates the successes and challenges in education sector development but also discusses on the way forward. Accordingly, the Congress was held in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region in Hawasa from 30-31 October 2014.

As usual, Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) presented its report to the Congress on the activity performed and the challenges faced during the last Ethiopian fiscal year (2006 E.C) to attain ETA objectives.

Hence Mr. Yohannes Benti who is president of ETA, apart from presenting what the association has done in providing quality education, stressed that the new salary scale study for Higher Education Academic Staff done by ETA and the study conducted jointly by ETA and Ministry of Education regarding teacher attrition need to be implement shortly. Moreover he requested that horizontal salary scale which is expected every two years be released and upper age limit for further training for teachers need to be uplifted to motivate them as they were committed to stay in the profession.

This year’s Congress is unique in that it is the last year for the fourth Education Sector Development Program which is part of the five year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) of the country. More important is that only one year remains for the Millennium Development Goals to come to end and hence an all round effort has to be made to bring all eligible children to school. Still more important is to minimize, if not impossible to avoid, the drop out and repetition rate which is becoming the key challenge of the Ethiopian education system.

After constructive debate and dialogue on the issues raised, Mr. Yohannes Benti recalled for cooperation of stakeholders to work together to improve quality of education and improve life of teachers.

Ethiopian Teachers Association stood first  out of the public wing in working for provision of education in the year and awarded medal and certificate of best performance.

Congress participants were drawn from Federal parliament, Regional Education bureaus, university presidents, teachers associations, development partners, and student unions and congress was chaired by Minister of Education, HE. Ato Shiferaw Shigute.

“Unite for Quality of Education”